This guy got me at "Your FrickEn Good"

MOLLOHAN29 has sent you a message:

Your Fricken Good

I just stumbled across one of your videos and I have to say it was impressive.

I couldn't help but notice that as good as your videos are, not many people have watched them.
It's hard to believe that your videos haven't gotten more people watching, they really are quite impressive.

It was obvious from your videos that you have a real talent for this kind of stuff, unlike so many of the other videos on the site.

Sometimes I just don't know what to think when I see some of the junk that gets tons of views when gems like yours are sitting there for the watching.

Well I should let you go now, but I just wanted to mention real quick that I used to have a problem with low view counts too. I found a great little service that was finally able to start getting my videos some eyeballs in front of them. You might want to check out the guys at,

*Then i realized it was frickin spam.


your mom said...

don't let it get you down, once i started getting e-mails from this Russian girl that wanted to get married even though we never met! well turns out it was just a computer trying to have sex with me... fricken technology!

Grandpa said...

phew...that makes me feel way better, thanks mom