cell phone picture post copy =^.^=ing tim ward!

van for sale!

holy cow!

san fransisco night


bart working?

bart at work?

bud man... essential!

total bitch

you said it kitty! classic simpsons

turkey ridin' krooked

the guard dog at 906

david via fuelTV

bart in the hot seat! (cell phone pic from the other brad)

before the infamous bike ride... (cell phone pic from the other brad)

my very own tom gallagher eating lunch! (david loy snapped this beauty while on tour with the birdman in chicago)


TimWard said...

Are those all sent to you by other people? otherwise it's not copying me.

your mom said...

I just wanted to use you name in a post...

meatlocker said...

lots of tension. whats the infamous bike ride?

your mom said...

I guess he thought he could ride a bike (not his) from HB to Redondo Beach at 2am, didn't make it, phone died, ended up in Long Beach at Pete and James' place...
The next day Ryan and David left messages on my phone like he was missing or dead or in jail, everything was cool though, and I think it was a good lesson for Ryan and David anyway!