the holy land, the middle east!

Well things here at catfacemeowmers are starting to calm down a bit after this insane holiday season, so many presents and new objects in my life! I got it all bitches, toys, treats, and treasure, big haul this year almost more stuff than I need, but that's impossible! Right?

As promised too my one reader, I'm going to do a multiple part trip report the most labored and unorganized way I know. First on the list is a look at one of the homies dream that turned reality by way of a lot of hard work, Yeah Boardshop (this is where all the bell and whistles start going nuts and children panic at the thought of misplaced parents)!

About this time last year my friend Steve was talking about opening a skateboard shop, being a skateboarder he wanted to be around skateboarding, and what better way than to open a shop, and what better person to dealing with skateboardings idiosyncrasies’ than a skateboarder! Well, not too long ago he opened Yeah Boardshop, and it was first on my list of things to do in the mighty Midwest upon arrival.

Yeah Boardshop, is my favorite shop, it’s got all the things I like in a skateboard shop; number one, a great selection of boards (I know you’re going who doesn’t have that? Answer, a lot of shops!), number two, a great selection of videos, new ones, old ones, random ones, and local ones, this is very important because only 10% of skateboarding has to do with buying stuff, 30% is used watching videos, Curb, or Always Sunny, then you have 40% dedicated to thinking of a spot to go skate, and the brass tacks 20% of your time is actually skateboarding. So finding a shop that has a good video selection can keep you in touch with skateboarding on a bigger picture and help you get motivated to go skate your spots, even though you're probably over them, and want to quit skateboarding altogether!

So if you happen to live in the Midwest, or are just passing thru, stop by Yeah and check it out, enjoy one of the all too few, real skateboard shops!

Yeah Boardshop
148 Bartlett Plaza
Bartlett, IL 60103