- i told tim i would stop by for some tea and a poop
jerrys ghost is forever hanging with tim.

^this guy
- I pooped but forgot my camera, you know how that
goes... Tim made me go and falsify my actions.
-Arizonas US-70
-Austin garb
(kinda felt like i never left tims apartment)
- this guy was getting tossed out after purchasing a
fresh brew and i proceeded drinking it (thanks ami)
then he show up back in the bar and asked me to take
his photo next to the butt fro.
- could have used tim armour's puzzle wiziardry
- digital soul taking
-lester one of those rare breads that can no comply
higher than he can ollie...
- i understand its cheesy editing footage of your self and to
have it freeze frame on your self is even worse but each of
the three clips it offered me was of me. sorry lester, its the tube.
- little teething rapscallion
- dog bites old man
thanks for the good times


Peter said...

that video made me giggle...skips grunt after that five-o stall..haha. and to top it off some epic party footy! sick styles lester kasai!

Yeah Boardshop said...

you were bloodied by that adorable cat?